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The Man Who First Said:

“Buy 5G Stocks” in 2011

Now Warns:

“Do NOT Buy One Single
5G Stock Until You See This”

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WARNING: What you’re about to see is a controversial presentation from one of the world’s leading technology analysts. The ideas you’ll discover defy conventional news you’re seeing about 5G reported on places like Yahoo Finance, MSNBC and CNBC. If the analyst herein is proven right — like he was when he first mentioned buying 5G stocks more than 9 years ago — then what he’s predicting next could bankrupt all the telecom giants, like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and more… while ruining the retirement hopes of any American holding these companies in their 401(k)s and IRAs. For that reason, this message could be pulled offline at any moment. Watch in full while this man’s controversial prediction is still available in its original, uncensored format.

“You’re an idiot.”

That’s what people told me when I urged people to buy 5G nine years ago.

At the time, almost nobody knew what 5G even was…

Even fewer thought the technology was worth investing in…

And almost no one seemed to know what a big opportunity it presented.

But sure enough, I was right…

Everywhere you go these days, you hear about 5G stocks… every analyst out there seems to be a self-proclaimed 5G expert, touting the “best 5G stocks for 2020…”

CNN says 5G will be “the lifeblood of the new economy.”

The Wall Street Journal declares its impact will be “felt around the world.”

Even President Trump says 5G “will transform the way our citizens will work, learn, communicate, and travel.”

Guess What? They’re ALL
To The Party

But the people who followed my research weren’t late at all. They’ve seen this coming for years.

In fact…

Anyone who listened to me since then has had the chance to amass a huge fortune…

My readers could have walked away with life-changing gains from the 5G stocks
I recommended.

But Today, I’m Officially Urging You

NOT To Buy Any 5G Stocks

If you’re invested in any 5G companies, or know someone who is…

Or even if you’ve heard all the hype about 5G and are considering getting in…

Please pay very close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Because as you’re about to see, anyone buying 5G stocks could soon get burned.

That’s because a much bigger new technology — one I call the “5G Killer” — could soon make 5G technology obsolete.

Take a look at this patent and you’ll see what I mean:

What you’re looking at is Patent No. 20130271317.

Filed on behalf of Apple, Inc., this patent reveals one of the biggest tech breakthroughs of our time…

One that could put giant service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others out of business…

And, more importantly, make 5G technology obsolete overnight.

Bloomberg calls the technology behind this patent…

In short, Apple, Inc. may be just days away from announcing plans for an entirely new era of modern internet…

One that will deliver high-speed internet to everyone worldwide…

Without requiring a modem, towers, cables, or anything like that…

And as I’ll prove here to you today, this brand-new technology could be…




Even safer than 5G.

If you’ve heard about the promises of 5G — like the lightning-fast speeds it enables — you should know…

What I expect Apple to reveal only days from today could be far more powerful.

Pay Close Attention. You Won’t Read About This Anywhere Else… And You Certainly Won’t Hear About It On CNBC, MSNBC, Or Yahoo Finance

Just like I was one of the first analysts in the world to tell everyone to buy 5G stocks since 2011…

As far as I know, I’m also the first person to report on Apple’s secret “5G Killer” patent.

In fact, almost nobody else in the world knows about Apple’s top-secret project yet.

But on July 28, I believe this “5G Killer” will be revealed to the world…

And when it is, it could go down as one of the biggest market stories of 2020.

As I’ll show you here today…

Within minutes of Apple’s secret project being revealed, you could see shares of companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint,
T-Mobile, and others plummet…

Within a matter of days, you could hear about 5G projects around the world being
shut down.

And when that happens, anyone holding 5G stocks could lose a fortune.

But more importantly for you, when Apple reveals their latest “5G Killer” breakthrough to the world…

Fast movers who get in now could be looking at massive, life-changing gain potential — just like early investors in the iPhone.

I’ve created this short message to explain everything…

What Apple is planning with this top-secret project…

Why it could be so much bigger than 5G — and even make 5G obsolete…

And how to get ahead of Apple’s July 28 announcement to potentially amass a fortune.

I should warn you now, though…

Due to the controversial nature of what you’re about to see, this message could be pulled offline at any moment.

If you click away, it may not be here when you get back.

In other words, it’s important that you listen closely — while this message is still available.

Let’s get right into it…

History Shows That Situations Like This Are When Everyday Folks Have The Rare Shot At Getting Extraordinarily Rich

Anytime the stakes are this high…

Where trillions of dollars hang in the balance…

When technologies can pioneer a whole new future…

While, at the same time, sending other technologies… even whole companies… into an early grave…

Folks who recognize what’s happening, and take action, can get incredibly rich.

See, each time a situation like this happens…

Enormous amounts of money are lost by those who don’t see what’s happening, as old technologies become obsolete…

And, more importantly for you…

Massive amounts of money are made by those who see what’s coming ahead of time.

And Mark My Words: What’s Coming Next Is a Radical New Internet, Powered Directly
By Apple, Inc.

What type of gains can you expect to see this time around?

Well, let’s take a look at what the first introduction of the internet did for early investors…

After AOL introduced internet via dial-up connection, for example…

AOL chart

Their stock soared a rare, massive 70,636%.

Just think about that…

That turns a $1,000 stake into $700,000… or a $10,000 stake into more than $7 million.

What would your life look like with a $7 million fortune?

It’d be a lot different, needless to say.

Same thing with the company EarthLink.

When they helped usher in the age of DSL, changing how people received internet…
their stock shot up 6,638%.

ELNK chart

Again with Comcast.

As cable internet came and replaced DSL throughout the country, revolutionizing the internet yet again…

Comcast investors were rewarded with eye-popping 36,989% gains.

CMCSA chart

The same situation has played out over and over again throughout history…

Whenever the internet takes a huge leap forward…

Over time, untold amounts of wealth are made by folks who see it coming ahead
of time.

Which is why I’m sending you this urgent message today.

Just days from now, Apple Inc. — the world’s largest company — could be preparing to go public with the biggest internet breakthrough of our time.

I’ll be showing you the undeniable proof in just a moment…

I’ll even show you exactly how to get in front of this
“Apple-Fi” revolution…

Potentially turning one small investment today into the kind of wealth most people only ever dream of.

If you missed out on AOL’s rare 70,636% gain… ELNK’s 6,638% gain… or CMCSA’s 36,989% gain… you aren’t going to want to miss this.

The potential rewards for fast movers who get in now are so large… that you’ll have to see this to believe it.

Let me show you what’s going on…

Is Apple Inc. Planning To Revolutionize
The Internet
As We Know It?

You have, of course, heard of

It’s what connects your devices — your computer or phone — to the internet.

Simply put, Wi-Fi is the backbone of the internet.

Without it, the internet wouldn’t be possible.

Well, starting just days from now…

I believe Apple Inc. is planning to announce a radical change to Wi-Fi… and to the internet itself.

Introducing The Next Tech That Will Change The World — I Call It

What is “Apple-Fi”?

In short, Apple will soon cut out traditional wireless networks and internet providers…

And beam fast, reliable, unlimited internet through the air… directly to
your device.

5G unlimited internet

No more cell towers… and no more routers.

Instead, high-speed internet will simply be beamed straight to your device, at all times.

Whether you’re walking down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan or in a remote rural cabin,
you’ll always be connected to high-speed internet.

The most shocking part of all this?

Well, judging by similar Apple products…

Like Apple TV, which costs $4.99 per month… and Apple Arcade, which again, costs $4.99 per month…

“Apple-Fi” may cost you just $4.99 per month.

That’s right.

While other internet services like Verizon and AT&T charge an average of $132 or more per month…

Starting just days from now, you — and everyone else around the world — could be able to slash your bill down to as little as $4.99 per month.

"Apple-Fi" Could Be the World’s Cheapest, Fastest, Most Reliable Internet EVER

Never before have we seen such a drastic change to the internet like this…

Because of the way this new technology works (which I’ll show you in just
a moment…)

You may never have a dropped call again…

There’ll be no more saying “can you hear me now?”

Instead, you’ll always receiving high-speed internet, uninterrupted, unlimited internet… everywhere you go.

We’re talking total coverage around the world…

From Wall Streeters in Manhattan, NYC…

To vacationers in Paris, France…

To workers in the world’s most remote farms…

To the poorest cities in African villages.

All of this with NO roaming fees.

And at a flat price of just $4.99 per month, you could save hundreds of dollars every month on Wi-Fi… extra money you can use for whatever
you’d like.

That’s Right… “Apple-Fi” Will Deliver
High-Speed Internet, Everywhere In The World, For Up To
90% Off

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that having 90% cheaper…


Total coverage service…

With no roaming fees…

Will cripple the nearly $251 billion cable industry here in America overnight…

Things you’re seeing on the news, like 5G, could become obsolete in
an instant. 

There will be no need for 5G anymore — it simply can’t compete
with “Apple-Fi”.

No need for unsightly towers and transmitters popping up in your neighborhood, either.

Because “Apple-Fi” would be able to work without cell phone towers…

For Consumers Like You And I,
“Apple-Fi” Will Be A Godsend. For Old Network Providers,
A Nightmare.

Odds are, if you’re like me, you do business with companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint,
T-Mobile, or others to receive internet and phone service.

And odds are you’ve had a negative experience with them…

For instance, did you know that here in America you’re paying more than any other country… for internet service that ranks among the lowest in the world?

Now compare that to socialist Venezuela…

8 out of 10 people in the country don’t even have enough money for food, and yet their mobile internet speeds are twice as high as ours.

The average American today pays $132 for their service… service that’s among the slowest in the world.

Compare that to South Korea, where folks pay just $20 per month for speeds five times faster than ours.

News came out recently that Comcast is raising costs of their service at
4 TIMES the rate of inflation.

Does that seem fair to you?

Comcast isn’t even the worst of these companies…

Take Verizon, for example…

News recently came out that during one of California’s worst wildfires, fire department’s — who rely on the internet to track fires — experienced significantly slowed service as Verizon cut their speeds to 1/200 of what they were.

Verizon then forced these people — who were working hard to save American lives —
to pay twice as much to resume normal service.

It’s criminal.

Luckily, thanks to Apple, we could be just days away from this finally being a thing
of the past.

In fact, as soon as July 28, you may never have to give them a cent of your
hard-earned money.

The release of “Apple-Fi” will cripple these companies…

Why would you, I, or anyone else pay the average $132 per month…

When “Apple-Fi” could provide far better, faster, unlimited internet service, likely for
just $4.99?

Verizon, AT&T… they simply won’t be able to compete.

For Apple, This Rollout Of Worldwide Wi-Fi Will Be A Bonanza

You see, as I write to you, Apple has a market cap of
$1.2 trillion.

To put that into perspective, that’s just shy of the entire nation of Canada’s GDP.

But as big and famous as they are… they’ve still only scratched the surface in terms
of growth.

That’s because, according to recent reports, Apple sells about 36 million iPhones every year…18.2 million Mac computers… and 44 million iPads last year alone.

This is what makes them a powerhouse… generating
$260 billion in revenue annually

But in the past Apple’s pointed everyone of those iPhones… every one of those iPads…

To someone else’s telecom network!

That means places like Verizon… AT&T… Sprint… T-Mobile…

Have ALL sucked up monthly revenue from their subscribers using Apple’s products.

“Apple-Fi” Would Redirect All Of That Spending Directly Into
Apple’s Pockets

If able to deploy unlimited, high-speed internet to all of their devices …

Millions of people would switch over from Verizon… AT&T…Sprint… T-Mobile…

Directly to “Apple-Fi”…

Which could promise TOTAL worldwide coverage…

“Internet from the Heavens” as Bloomberg described it…

For cheaper and faster than any existing network.

It’s a win-win for Apple and the consumers like you and I.

And as mentioned, according to my research, the reveal of this may come as early as July 28.

This could go down as the biggest market story of 2020…

It’s a worldwide revolution with billions of dollars at stake.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to play it to walk away with a fortune…

The last time Apple made a huge move like this, with the iPhone, it made hundreds of billions of dollars and turned countless ordinary folks into millionaires — even billionaires.

Today, the same situation is playing out yet again…

Only this time, you can be along for the ride.

If you’ve ever kicked yourself for missing out on being one of the early investors in the iPhone, this is your chance to make up for that.

But it’s important that you get in BEFORE July 28…

When I expect the rest of the world will catch on and the biggest money will have already been made.

In just a moment, I’ll show you everything you need to know to potentially make July 28 the day you finally begin to become rich.

While everyone else is blown away by this announcement… while the media is stunned, replaying clips and discussing the implications…

You’ll be popping the champagne.

And you should know… this isn’t the first time Apple’s upending existing industries…

The Truth Is, Apple Has Been Following This Playbook For Months Now, Launching Service After Service…

Apple Music, Apple TV, you name it…

As Bloomberg reports, for months now Apple has been quietly transitioning from a hardware company — selling devices like phones, computers, and tablets…

Into a service company — offering music, TV, even credit cards.

They’re completely reinventing their business to better serve consumers.

But this time, with “Apple-Fi,” they’re going all-in on their biggest innovation yet…

A project that would be larger than anything they’ve done since the launch of the iPhone…

One that will completely revolutionize how the world receives internet…
and disrupt the $260 billion cable industry.

It’s a win-win for everyone…

I predict Apple could invest tens, or even hundreds of billions of dollars to rollout

To redirect the revenue of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile…
all into their pocket.

At the same time, consumers win big too…

They could save thousands every year by slashing their monthly service bill all the way down to just $4.99.

But here’s what really makes this technology so incredible…

A Radical New Way Of Beaming Internet Directly To Your Device

For “Apple-Fi” to be a no-brainer to consumers like
you and I…

And to ensure other companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint can’t compete…

It’s clear “Apple-Fi” would have to be much cheaper than what you’re currently
paying now.

But there’s a catch…

If they wanted to make “Apple-Fi” available at the ultra-low cost of just $4.99
per month…

Apple likely realized they had to completely reinvent how the world receives internet.

As you may know, there are a few big problems with how we receive cell signals and internet coverage.

First, while a lot of people are excited about 5G as the future, the truth is deploying it is costly and takes years.

Second, because the average 5G tower only works within 1,000 feet or so,
to deploy it nationally requires tens of thousands of these towers to be installed.

And that, as you can imagine, costs hundreds of billions of dollars… maybe even more.

Finally, nearly every other cell signal and Wi-Fi signal work the same way — they’re all local solutions with limited range.

If you move out of range, well…

  • That’s why you lose the internet
  • That’s why you drop your call, to be left asking, “can you hear
    me now?”
  • That’s why it’s nearly impossible to get reliable service in
    remote areas

So it doesn’t matter how fast things like 5G technologies are…

If they’re all local signals where you have to be in range to gain access.

FORGET Ever Having Local Coverage… Because "Apple-Fi" Could Come With Worldwide Coverage

So “Apple-Fi” began with a simple question…

What if Apple could just eliminate the need for any kind of tower at all…

And instead beam internet straight through the air, directly to your device?

It would be cheaper and easier to deploy… and also bigger, faster, better, even safer
than 5G.

Incredibly, that’s exactly what Apple may be planning to do…

Internet Delivered To You

From The Heavens

As you’re about to see, they’ve quietly pioneered plans for a constellation of highly-advanced satellites…

Satellites to beam uninterrupted, high-speed internet from space directly to your
Apple device.

Outerspace Satellites

No need for a router… or anything like that.

And under this plan, cell towers simply aren’t necessary anymore either.

Instead, high-speed internet will simply be beamed from space, through air, directly to your device.

Your device would simply always be connected to the satellites, everywhere you go.

Already, one mainstream media source is starting to catch on, saying…

It’s that simple.

But, of course, I don’t expect you to believe me on the surface…

After all, we’ve just met.

So now that you know what "Apple-Fi" is… and its full power and promise…

Let me present all the proof exhibits I’ve prepared during my research.

Once I do, I’ll show you exactly how to get ahead of this “Apple-Fi” rollout…

And be one of the folks who quietly gets rich from it.

Over time, AOL shot up a rare 70,636%… ELNK soared 6,638%… and CMCSA rocketed an extraordinary 36,989% higher…

And “Apple-Fi” could have just as big of an impact — if not bigger — than these companies did.

It’ll revolutionize the internet for good.

And the amount of money at stake, as you’ll see, is incredible.

As I show you this proof I’ve gathered, you can decide for yourself if you want to ride along and potentially get rich as Apple shocks the world again…

Or if you think I’m full of hot air and empty promises.

It’s your choice to make.

Sound fair enough?

Then let’s get right into it…

EXHIBIT A — Apple’s Already Hired The World’s Best Satellite Engineers

Of course, Apple can’t just launch a bunch of satellites instantly…

They needed the expertise to make it happen.

And quietly, over the past few years, Apple’s sucked up all the most talented engineers in the world…

  • To lead the team pioneering “Apple-Fi,” Apple hired Michael Trela and John Fenwick, two world-famous aerospace engineers who were part of one of the top satellite companies in the world.
  • They also hired Matt Ettus, one of the foremost names in wireless technologies, to guide the company in delivering “Apple-Fi” to all their devices.
  • Apple also hired Ashley Moore Williams, previously from Aerospace Corp., focused on satellites…
  • And they hired Daniel Ellis, one of the world’s top experts on building networks that can beam content.

The team is now in place.

But then, Apple needed the patents to protect the team’s work…

And that’s now in place, too…

EXHIBIT B — Apple’s Already Quietly and Secretly Secured Their Patent Portfolio

Do the following numbers mean anything to you?

US 20130271317 A1

If you’re like most people, those numbers are nothing more than a string of nonsensical digits…

But for Apple, it’s the identifier of their satellite navigation patent, seen here:

As the site Patently Apple reports…

Perhaps, even, the knockout punch for the telecom giants of Verizon and AT&T…

That’s why a site called Tvtechnology.com reported…

And there’s more…

EXHIBIT C — Behind The Scenes, One of Apple’s Potential Partners Has Already Filed Plans With The FCC To Launch Up To
3,000 Satellites

They’ve already filed plans with the FCC to launch between 1,400 and 3,000 satellites…

Once these plans are approved, they can begin the processes necessary to launch
the satellites…

And potentially deliver internet to every Apple device in the world.

Until very recently, nothing like this was possible.

But thanks to several recent advances in satellite technology…

Satellites are more powerful than ever before… making an advance like “Apple-Fi” possible.

Similar satellites are capable of sending beams of internet directly to Earth…

With each beam covering 400 miles.

In other words…

It could take as little as three to supply internet to every Apple device in an area the
size of India.

Once these satellites are activated, receiving “Apple-Fi” internet on your devices is easy.

No cables or modems are needed…

Your Apple device will automatically connect to the closest satellite…

Which will beam unlimited, high-speed internet directly
to you.

EXHIBIT D — Word About Apple’s Secret Project Is Just Now Starting To Leak To the Mainstream Press

(That Means You Only Have A Small Window Left To Stake Your Early Position)

When I started researching this story late last year, no one was talking
about this…

Now word’s starting to leak out in the mainstream press… people are quickly
catching on.

Bloomberg reports…

Popular Mechanics said this..

The Verge published this story…

Tech Crunch said…

But it was a small site called Times Now News that said it the best…

Look, I could go on and on…

Showing you story after story that’s starting to leak.

But the point is simple…

You only have a small window to act before this is on the nightly news.

And by then, the biggest gains will all be gone…

Of course, there’s another reason you need to act now if you’re looking to get wealthy on this idea…

EXHIBIT E — Apple’s Already Scheduled a Meeting for July 28! Could this be the big reveal to what I’ve been sharing

with you today?

Mark your calendar for July 28.

Apple has just scheduled a big meeting on this day (and invited all of their shareholders to attend)…

And I believe it’s here that Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage…

And introduce “Apple-Fi” to the world.

July 28 could soon go down as a historic day… the day the internet changed forever.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this business, it’s that opportunities like this really do only come around once in a lifetime.

And when they do, 99% of people do nothing… they sit on the sidelines and get left behind.

But for the 1% who do act, life is never the same… they see their investment grow into the kind of money most people will only ever dream about.

When Apple revealed the iPhone, for instance, it ignited the $478 billion smartphone industry…

Hundreds of billions of dollars were made in this move.

Over time, shares of Apple itself went from about $20 to well over $300…

But that doesn’t hold a candle to “Apple-Fi”… and the wealth it’s set to create.

“Apple-Fi” will transform Apple’s business, the internet, and our world forever,
as you’ve seen…

And if I’m right about this announcement being made on July 28…

For those who act ahead of time, even a small amount of money could turn into massive tech riches.

But There’s A Catch: To Make The Most Money, Do NOT Buy Apple…

Do This Instead

You can certainly go out and buy shares of Apple…

And when “Apple-Fi” is revealed to the world as early as July 28, you’ll do very well.

After all, “Apple-Fi” could boost Apple’s business by hundreds of billions
of dollars…

Redirecting the revenue of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and more all back into their pockets.

But keep in mind…

Apple’s stock is already around $300 a share…

Added up the company is already a $1.2 trillion company — just to double their stock price, Apple would have to go up another $1.2 trillion…

Could that happen with the introduction of “Apple-Fi?”

Sure… but it will likely take years to happen.

But using history as our guide, the biggest, life-altering fortunes will be made from the small companies Apple is partnering with to turn their "Apple-Fi" dream into reality…

Companies that could explode by billions of dollars thanks to this partnership.

We’re talking about all the small, satellite chip companies… all the new and small antenna companies supplying parts for their phones… and more.

To show you what I mean, look at what happened to Apple last time they did something like this…

After introducing their breakthrough product, the iPhone, shares went up about 300% in the following years.

That’s certainly not bad, of course…

But as Axios reports, “while Apple gets the lion's share of revenue from the iPhone, there are many suppliers and component makers who make a fortune from the device.”

Skyworks Solutions is one of those companies.

They’re a small supplier that makes a key piece used in Apple’s iPhone.

Before partnering with Apple, shares were dirt-cheap… trading at just over $5.

But thanks to the major contract from Apple, their revenue exploded…

And, as a result, shares shot up… and never looked back… going all the way to
over $100 today.

That’s a 1,582% gain… enough to turn a $5,000 stake into nearly $100,000 over just a few years.

You see, each time Apple launches a breakthrough new product…

Rather than do all of the work themselves, they partner with small companies to help them out.

After all, it’s faster and easier for Apple…

And for these companies like Skyworks Solutions, major, multi-billion dollar contracts from Apple are a bonanza.

Now of course, past performance is no guarantee of
future results…

But we’re looking at a similar situation here with “Apple-Fi”…

Buy Apple and you’ll do well for yourself. Certainly, better than most people.

Buy the small companies Apple is partnering with to launch “Apple-Fi”, though…

And you could see a small stake grow into hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars over time.

And I’ve identified a handful of tiny companies that I believe will be key partners to Apple in launching “Apple-Fi”.

If I’m right, these are small companies that could explode by billions of dollars — just like Skyworks — and make fast movers rich.

In just a moment, I’ll be sharing the details on these companies with you.

The best part?

As great as Skyworks 1,582% gain was…

The gains I’m expecting here today are much bigger.


Well, the truth is…

I expect “Apple-Fi” will be far bigger than the iPhone… or anything else Apple has
done before…

All it takes is just one tiny stake in the companies that could become
“Apple-Fi” suppliers — just a few hundred dollars…

And 2020 could go down as one of your best financial
years yet.

Take a look…

A $500 Stake In These Stocks —

And You’re Rich

As you’ve seen, every time the internet undergoes a radical transformation like this…

Folks who see it coming have the chance to get filthy rich over time.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen AOL soar 70,636%

AOL chart

That turns just $500 into a $353,180 fortune.

We also watched as EarthLink skyrocketed 6,638%

ELNK chart

Turning every $500 invested into $33,190 in profits.

That’s a good annual salary for a lot of Americans…

For the past 30 years now, Comcast has done even better than that.

Shares of the company catapulted 36,989%

CMCSA chart

Turning a tiny $500 stake in the company into $184,945.

How would your life change if you made that kind of money?

And here’s where things get really exciting…

“Apple-Fi” is far bigger than AOL’s introduction of internet via dial-up connection…

EarthLink’s DSL…

Or Comcast’s cable internet.

In fact, it may be bigger than all 3 combined.

Remember, I believe “Apple-Fi” will deliver 100% fast, reliable internet, all over the world… for just $4.99 per month.

Its rollout will go down as one of the biggest moments in the history of the internet…

Nothing like it has ever been done before.

The amount of money to be made by fast movers is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The only question is: will you be one of the folks who gets rich from it?

Or will you sit on the sidelines as July 28 rolls by?

The choice, of course, is yours.

Now in just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how I recommend you get a piece of this “Apple-Fi” revolution — where even $500 could turn into massive wealth.

But before I get to that, let me quickly back up and introduce myself… and explain why I’m sharing this “top-secret” Apple plan with you.

My Name, By The Way, Is Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco

I’m the Chief Technology Analyst at one of the largest independent financial research organizations in America.

More people follow our work, for example, than receive newspapers like The Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times.

My role here is simple…

I track down the biggest new technology innovations of tomorrow

So you can invest in them TODAY…

Each and every hour of every day I spend looking for companies that have the potential to reward early investors… people like you and me… with staggering tech wealth.

My secret for finding breakthroughs is pretty simple…

See, over the 15+ years I’ve been doing this, I’ve built up one of the most impressive rolodexes in the business…

If You’ve Ever Heard The Phrase,
“In The Room, In The Deal,” That’s What

I Can Hand You…

To lead my readers to the biggest gains in technology…

I routinely meet with billionaires, award-winning scientists, famous CEOs, and other tech insiders. I’ll introduce you to a few of them in a moment.

For instance, before Nvidia was a household name company… I spoke with the company’s billionaire CEO.

At the time, very few folks knew about the company (or that it had a
bright future)…

But, I discovered they quietly had some major developments planned that would send the company exploding…

So I told my readers to get into Nvidia stock NOW!

Back when I first recommended it, shares were trading for just around $10…

Eventually going to more than $150, a 660% gain for my readers.

This growth hasn’t stopped since then, either…

Today, shares trade for more than $290.

A massive gain of more than 2,128%.

The truth is, situations like this happen all the time…

Thanks to my connections, I always have the full scoop before anyone else…

At any given moment, I can call up any of the big players
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Because of that, I’ve been at the vanguard of some of the most explosive tech breakthroughs in recent history…

Guiding folks to profits of 195% in under a year… 346% in a matter of months… 404% in about a year… 849% in a little over a year…

And many, many more.

Just recently, for example, I was on the phone with one of the top scientists in the fight against coronavirus.

He’s the CEO of a prominent biotech company that’s working on promising Covid-19 vaccine.

Only a few days before our call, he met with President Trump to discuss the vaccine. You can see him here on
the left.

And on this call, he shared information with me about his company and the vaccine they’re working on that almost nobody — apart from my readers and I — know about.

In the weeks that followed my call with that CEO, shares of his company are already up more than 42%.

In the coming months, after hearing what he revealed to me on the phone…

I fully expect those same shares to go up another 200%, 300%, 400%, maybe even more.

But As Great As This Is, I Believe The
“Apple-Fi” Opportunity I’m Sharing With You Today Is Far Bigger Than Anything I’ve Uncovered Before

What you’re seeing today is… hands down… the biggest opportunity of
my career.

In all my years of doing this, I’ve never seen anything this big.

The way I see it, it’s no different than being one of the very first to invest in smartphone technology before everyone had one in their pocket.

This new breakthrough — which could be revealed to the world just days from now…

Could disrupt the massive $260 billion cable industry for good, putting famous companies like AT&T and Verizon out of business.

It’ll also change how you, I, and everyone else receives internet.

The potential rewards for fast movers are far bigger than 2,128%.

After all, this may be the biggest breakthrough since the advent of the computer.

All told, there’s trillions of dollars at stake here…

The best part is, getting started couldn’t be easier…

As I mentioned, by buying Apple you'll do very well when “Apple-Fi” is revealed
to the world…

But by buying the tiny companies Apple is partnering with to launch this revolution, you could make a fortune.

It’s just like the iPhone…

When Apple introduced the iPhone to the world, shares shot up nearly 300%.

Not bad, of course…

But the companies they partnered with to develop the iPhone, like Skyworks Solution, shot up 1,582% and higher.

I’m certain it will be the same situation here.

And I’ve identified a handful of these tiny companies that I believe could become key partners with Apple.

How much could you make? Let me show you…

The “Apple-Fi” Rollout Will Send This
Tiny Company Exploding 

As mentioned, in the race to deploy “Apple-Fi,” Apple may launch between 1,400 and 3,000 satellites into space.

And for one tiny company based in California, these plans will be a bonanza.

You see, this little $3 billion company is the leading provider of rocket engines in America.

NASA, Boeing… many big players rely on engines made by this company.

And I’m confident that Apple will too.

Because as Apple moves to launch hundreds, or even thousands of satellites into orbit…

They’ll require billions of dollars’ worth of rocket engines to do so.

After all… a single engine can cost well over an estimated $2 million.

And this is the one company that can supply these engines.

If Apple launches just 2,000 satellites — they’ll need 2,000 rockets and 2,000 rocket engines.

And if they partner with this tiny firm to provide them, at a price of $2 million per engine… that’s up to an extra $4 billion.

If they launch 3,000?

This little company’s revenue could explode by a massive $6 billion.

Needless to say, when a tiny company’s revenue shoots up by $6 billion in a matter of weeks or months…

It’s share price could easily explode 250%, 500%, 1,000%, or even higher. 

Which is why I believe the time to get in is now.

In just a moment, I’ll be explaining how to claim the full details on this company before the big “Apple-Fi” rollout.

But first, I should point out…

This is just one of the several companies I’ve found that could be key partners of Apple.

In fact, another that I’ve identified could explode even higher than this engine producer.

Let me tell you more about this company now…

Even A Tiny Stake In This Next Company Could Turn Into Massive Wealth As
“Apple-Fi” Is Launched Worldwide

At just $500 million and 21 employees, this next company is small —

In other words, it can be more risky…

Tiny stocks like this are incredibly fast-moving can be volatile…

Share prices can swing violently in either direction…

Because of that, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But you may only need a tiny stake in this company — $250, $100, whatever works
for you…

And you could strike it rich.

Because I believe this ultra-tiny company is on the cusp of a major, multi-billion dollar contract from Apple…

Fast movers could multiply their initial investment by 10x, 15x, maybe even 20x or more over time.

You see, after launching up to 3,000 satellites, Apple will need to allocate billions of dollars annually to maintain this network of satellites.

This includes doing things like swapping out satellites when they break and ensuring service isn’t interrupted, for example.

And this company is uniquely positioned to help them do that.

With years of experience in this field, this little company is a leader in deploying and maintaining an extensive network of satellites.

No other company in the world can do what they do — and I believe they’ll be a key partner in “Apple-Fi”.

In fact, as mentioned, I project you could see one small stake grow by 10x, 15x, maybe even 20x or more if this contract is awarded.

And that’s on top of the other company we just covered — the engine manufacturer that could shoot 250%, 500%, even 1,000%, or higher thanks to “Apple-Fi”. 

Here’s the best part…

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, I’ve put the details on both of these companies into a special report called Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On The “Apple-Fi” Revolution.

It shows you everything you need to know about these potential key partners in
“Apple-Fi” — the company names and ticker symbols, why I think they’re so critical to Apple, how much you could make, and much, much more. 

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to have this report sent directly to your email, ready for immediate download.

And there’s more…

Inside Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On The “Apple-Fi” Revolution, you’ll find several other companies that will be key to “Apple-Fi”…

There’s Staggering Amounts Of Money At Stake — This Is Just Scratching The Surface In Terms Of Your Profit Potential

Here’s just a few of the companies you’ll find inside Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Early On The “Apple-Fi” Revolution

  • On page 2, you’ll find the company that could be responsible for helping Apple transmit Wi-Fi from their satellites in space directly to your device. Since DISH spun this company off in 2009, shares have already soared as high as 200%… but this is only the beginning. I predict this company could become a key partner to Apple in the coming months… and could be rewarded with billions of dollars in extra profits. Even a tiny stake today could hand you a fortune…
  • Up next, you’ll find the company that was just named as one of the best stocks to buy in 2020 by Yahoo! Finance. And I’m not surprised… they’ve already entered into talks about a partnership with Apple to assist in
    “Apple-Fi”. And as “Apple-Fi” is announced to the world and rolled out, this company could be one of the biggest winners… fast movers could reap windfall fortunes…
  • This next company you’ll find is incredible… founded by a brilliant billionaire, it’s one of the leading space companies in the world. Shares are already up nearly 400% since December… but if you move fast, you can still get in dirt-cheap… before a potential partnership with Apple pushes this stock to the moon…
  • Your profit potential with this next company is staggering. This tiny company is one of the top satellite manufacturers in America. With revenues of just $700,000, it’s earnings could easily rocket 10-fold, 20-fold, or higher if they land a major contract from Apple as I expect. The sky’s the limit for folks who get in now…
  • Finally, you’ll also find an off-the-radar space manufacturing company from Colorado. I expect it could lock in a major contract with Apple… that could send shares exploding 10x higher or more when the news is announced.
    The time to secure your stake is now…

A small stake in even one of these companies could be enough to fund
your retirement…

Together, a small amount of money in each could hand you staggering
tech wealth…

The kind of wealth most folks can only dream of.

Of course, it’s possible that this announcement doesn’t happen on July 28… or that the companies I’ve identified won’t receive a contract from Apple.

And all investment carry risk, especially in speculative situations like this.

But that’s what makes this situation so potentially profitable…

Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On The “Apple-Fi” Revolution shows you everything you need to know about these companies.

This special report… and the companies you’ll discover inside… could set fast movers up for a lifetime of wealth.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to claim this report ready for immediate download.

You need to hurry though…

If this announcement is made on July 28 as I expect, and the rest of the world catches on to “Apple-Fi”, it’ll be too late…

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Phillip Frost

Just recently, for example, I’ve crossed paths with the famous billionaire biotech CEO Phillip Frost…

Nvidia’s billionaire CEO…

Elon Musk…

A world-famous scientist who’s working on adding decades to human lifespan (I predict his work will win him a Nobel
Peace Prize)…

One of the biggest entrepreneurs in pot, who runs one of the largest publicly traded pot companies in America…

And much more… powerful politicians, top investors, you name it.

And I’ve shared the incredible opportunities I uncovered from these meetings with my Technology Profits Confidential readers… helping them position themselves for massive profit potential.

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Eventually going all the way to $37.

AMD Chart

Then there was the company ISIS Pharmaceuticals.

They were developing a breakthrough DNA treatment.

When I found the company, shares traded for just $8.43…

But within a few short months, the company soared all the way to $39.15.

Folks who followed me had the chance at 364% gains.

I could go on for days…

Like the time I found the company NewLink Genetics, which went up 211%

NLNK Chart

Then there was 3D Systems Corp., which exploded 195%

DDD Chart

Endocyte, which went up 266%

And on, and on.

Needless to say, readers of Technology Profits Confidential have done
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I’m able to track down the biggest market stories… long before anyone else knows about them.

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Justin B., 57, Portland

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Apple’s potential announcement isn’t the only up and coming technology I’m excited about…

In fact, there’s another 81,000% growth story my readers and I are watching closely…

These 2 “Hidden” Virtual Reality Companies Could Deliver You Staggering Gains

Time magazine, the Financial Times, Fortune… they’ve all written and raved about the possibilities once we can interact inside of virtual worlds.

Samsung and Facebook have already invested billions.

Google’s already made a big move into this technology.

Even NASA’s lining up to gain an advantage.

What’s got me and my readers excited, though, is the 81,000% growth we could see in the market for virtual reality products and technology.

This could be a $30 billion-a-year business years from today.

And we don’t intend to miss it.

I’ve helped my Technology Profits Confidential readers nail down TWO companies that could absolutely soar as the virtual reality boom unfolds, including…

  • The company that’s responsible for building the powerful visual “guts” of the now-famous and highly sought-after Oculus virtual reality device from Facebook
  • A second company with cutting-edge motion sensor technology, designed to make every virtual world experience as smooth and lifelike
    as reality

Either one of these could deliver staggering tech wealth to early investors. Together they could literally change your financial prospects for life.

You can read all about them in this report I’d like to send, called The Two Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution.

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Meet The Company Behind The Biggest Energy Revolution
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Famous scientist, engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla pioneered the idea of “invisible power”… but it wasn’t technologically possible during his lifetime.

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The fastest movers on “invisible power” could get seriously rich…

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AOL chart

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ELNK chart

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CMCSA chart

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Q: What Is Technology Profits Confidential? How Does It Work?

Leveraging my insider contacts of CEOs, top scientists, tech insiders, powerful politicians, you name it… I track down the biggest, most revolutionary new technologies before anyone else.

Then, I find the companies pioneering the new tech… and share it with tens of thousands of private readers in Technology Profits Confidential.

Technology Profits Confidential is the only place in the entire world where I recommend tiny stocks my research indicates have the potential to soar 500-1,000% or higher.

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I bring you my best new ideas every month — you simply read through my work, and decide if you want to invest in the company I’m telling you about.

Q: How Do I Know This Isn’t A Scam?

My company is the largest fully independent financial research organization in America today.

With millions of readers across the country, more people follow our work, for example, than receive newspapers like The Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times.

We don’t accept money or favors from any companies we recommend, and we don’t “front-run” any of the investments we recommend.

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Q: What’s Happening On July 28?

Apple has already scheduled a big meeting to take place on July 28 at 5 p.m…

Not only that, but they’ve also invited all of their shareholders… as well as the media… to attend.

Is this where Apple will introduce “Apple-Fi” to the world?

All signs point to the answer being yes.

And just like the iPhone changed the world and made fortunes, the announcement of this massive trillion-dollar internet disruption could make fast movers (like you) incredibly wealthy.

That’s why it’s important to get in now…

Once the whole world finds out, all of the big profits will have already been made.

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For starters, as a reader of Technology Profits Confidential, you’ll also receive a full year of monthly issues, weekly emails, urgent trading alerts, special website login, “first-read” access to my best new ideas, monthly phone calls, and more.

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Q: Who Are You? Why Should

I Trust You?

Again, I understand you and I have just met, so let me quickly reintroduce myself.

My name’s Ray Blanco and even if you haven’t heard of me, insiders have.

Over the years I’ve built one of the most impressive rolodexes in the business…

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Q: How Much Money Could I
Make From This?

If history is any guide, the amount of money you could make is nothing short of life-changing.

Remember, you can buy Apple and do quite well as they forever change how the world uses internet… putting Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, all the others out of business…
and add hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars in new revenue.

But the truly life-changing gains will come from investing in the tiny companies I’ve identified that I believe Apple will partner with to launch “Apple-Fi”… some companies are as little as $500 million.

The last time Apple introduced something as revolutionary as this, with their breakthrough iPhone, shares went up about 300%.

That’s certainly not bad, of course…

But the company Skyworks Solutions did much better.

They’re a small supplier that makes a key piece used in Apple’s iPhone.

Before partnering with Apple, shares were dirt-cheap… trading at just over $5.

But thanks to the major contract from Apple, their revenue exploded…

And, as a result, shares shot up… and never looked back… going all the way
to over $100.

That’s a 1,582% gain… enough to turn a $5,000 stake into nearly $100,000.

The best part?

I’ve identified several companies that could go even higher than Skyworks.

You’ll get all of the details on them — and see how to buy them in your own account — when you click the “Subscribe Now” button below.

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Q: Is Your Ordering Process Secure?

We use the latest encryption technology available to ensure your data is 100% protected throughout the order process.

The entire process is fast, safe, and completely secure. I’ve made sure of it.

Q: What If I Decide This
Right For Me?

No problem! As they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

If you decide my work isn’t right for you, just call up my team and let them know. They’ll immediately send you a full refund and you can even keep everything we’ve discussed here today, just as my way of saying thanks.

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Q: This All Sounds Too Good To Be True… What’s The ‘Catch’?

The mark of a smart investor is skepticism and asking questions. So I’m not surprised if you were wondering this.

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Q: If I Have Any Questions Can I Speak
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If at any point you have any questions about your subscription… you can call up my Technology Profits Confidential customer care team at 844-370-6637.

Based right here in the U.S., they’re standing by to answer 9am to 8pm to answer any questions you may have and help you out.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Receive Everything We’ve Discussed?

Within minutes of joining Technology Profits Confidential today, you’ll find a new email in your inbox from me.
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Inside you’ll find the report we discussed today, Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On The “Apple-Fi” Revolution… plus all of your special bonus reports, ready for immediate download. You’ll be able to download and read them, then take action, within minutes.

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